Welcome to the Board of Massage!

The North Dakota Board of Massage is a five member regulatory board appointed by the Governor. Three of the members of the board must be massage therapists who are licensed in this state.  The role of the board is consumer protection including regulating the massage therapy industry in the state.  We maintain licensing standards across the state in accordance with the North Dakota Century Code.

There are currently 726 licensed Massage Therapists in North Dakota.



Legislative session in North Dakota is nearing.  The board is considering submitting several changes to the legislature that could impact both the board and the industry in North Dakota.  The links below outline the changes that will be considered at the board level.  Please note that these changes have NOT been discussed or voted on by the full board.  They have been brought forward by the legislative committee.  They have NOT been submitted to the legislature.  Please take time to review the documents linked below and provide comment is you feel so inclined.  Thanks.

CHAPTER 43-25(1st edit)[1]            Crim Hist Bill Draft[1] 



Office hours:  M-F 8am-5pm(Mountain Time)        1-877-268-8139